Your Personal Playbook for Success

This on-demand, digital course teaches both student-athletes and coaches the traits, habits, and mindset necessary to achieve excellence on and off the court/field


What is Your Game Plan?

YGP is an on-demand, digital course that teaches the traits, habits, and mindset required for maximizing performance on and off the field or court. This course isn’t for everyone. It’s only for athletes and coaches truly committed to their growth, improvement, and development.

Who is Your Game Plan for?

YGP was designed for middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes and coaches looking to raise their game. It includes two separate tracks – one customized for student-athletes and the other tailored for coaches. Each track includes 6 modules, additional bonus content, and step by step action plans.

How will Your Game Plan help your program?

The first step to improving a team is to improve each individual. YGP provides each athlete and coach with actionable strategies and proven principles needed for creating championship habits, developing a winner’s mindset, and impactful leadership.

Why should your program invest in Your Game Plan?

YGP will spark measurable improvement inThe 5 C’s of a High Performing Culture: Cohesion, Chemistry, Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment. Additionally, athletes and coaches will learn the traits of the world’s highest performers, pitfalls that undermine success, and the most effective ways to handle adversity.

Praise for Your Game Plan

“Every student athlete would benefit from Alan’s approach because his message is so powerful, practical, and relatable. As both a parent and a D1 college coach, I love his philosophies on leadership, communication, and self-awareness as they apply to student- athletes at all levels.”

Eric Musselman
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
University of Arkansas Razorbacks
Fayetteville, AR

"Alan played a huge role in my development on and off the court and his guidance helped me get to where I am today."

Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets
NBA Superstar
New York, NY

“I can’t think of a coach, at any level or in any sport, that wouldn’t benefit tremendously from this course. Alan’s content is helpful, practical, actionable, and full of enthusiasm. The strategies Alan shares set a great example for coaches that are trying to improve at their craft. I highly recommend Your Game Plan!”

Nicole DeRose
Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach
Liverpool High School
Liverpool, NY 

Your Game Plan has tracks customized specifically for student-athletes and coaches

Student-Athlete Track

6 Modules (each of which includes an action plan):

  1. Achieving High Performance
  2. Improving Self-Awareness
  3. Developing Positive Habits & Routines
  4. Creating a Strong Inner Circle
  5. Being a World Class Teammate
  6. Finding Your Strength Zone

Coaches Track

6 Modules (and a Coaches Edition Workbook):

  1. Developing Your Coaching Philosophy
  2. Creating a Championship Culture
  3. Establishing Crystal Clear Role Clarity
  4. Communicating More Effectively
  5. Raising Your Program’s Standards
  6. Responding to Change and Adversity

Both tracks include tons of additional bonus content!

Your Game Plan is an invaluable resource for your program

Team Rate: $497

  • Includes a license for every student-athlete and coach on a single team.
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Athletic Department Rate: $1,997

  • Includes a license for every student-athlete and coach on every team in your school (boys/girls, JV/Varsity).
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Organization Rate: $4,997

  • Includes a license for every student-athlete and coach on every team in your organization (or club).
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More Praise for Your Game Plan

“Coaches of every sport and at at every level will significantly benefit from Alan's approach and philosophy on leadership and culture. Alan is extremely gifted in making things practical. His tips and strategies are things coaches can implement immediately. If you want to reach today's player and learn ways to become a more effective coach, then this is the program for you.”

Christopher D. Lun
Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
Whitman High School (2006 4A State Champs)
Bethesda, MD

“Alan Stein, Jr.’s teaching have truly made me a better coach.  He helps coaches maximize their own potential by sharing proven principles and strategies to help them improve their leadership and culture.  Alan’s concepts have provided a blueprint for me to improve.  I highly recommend this online course…Your Game Plan: Coaches Edition.”

Heather Oesterle
Head Coach
Women’s Basketball
Central Michigan University

"Alan's Game Plan is a blueprint for elite coaching performance and sustained coaching success. His message, perspective and philosophy will motivate and inspire coaches to be the best version of themselves (on and off the court or field). I give this course my full endorsement."

Brandon Rafuse
Founder & Director
Thunder Selects Basketball
Halifax, Canada

Regardless of your sport or level… if you are an athlete or coach… I would be honored to support, encourage, and empower you to become the best you are capable of. Please email me directly at [email protected] if I can help you in any way.

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Alan has worked with the highest-performing athletes on the planet (including NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant) as a championship-level performance coach. He now teaches proven strategies to improve organizational performance, create effective leadership, increase team cohesion and collaboration, and develop winning mindsets, rituals, and routines.

Stronger Team is a comprehensive collection of resources that can be utilized to raise organizational performance – from sports teams to Fortune 500 companies – by focusing on developing The 5 C’s of a High Performing Culture: Cohesion, Chemistry, Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment.